Lily James’s new movie ”The Exception” to premiere at the Toronto Film Festival!


The Exception concentrates on these last years in the life of Wilhelm (Plummer). Living in a rambling country mansion with his wife, Princess Hermine (Janet McTeer), and a small retinue of aides and servants, the erstwhile emperor is given a new lease on life by the Nazi invasion of France and the Lowlands, which sees Holland fall under German subjugation. Fantasizing about a return to Berlin and the throne, Wilhelm soon finds himself under the supervision of an SS captain (Jai Courtney) and a detachment of German soldiers. Meanwhile, the Kaiser’s entourage hires a new maid (Lily James), in whom the captain takes an immediate interest. The stage is set for a story of subterfuge and espionage, all of which comes to a head with a visit from Heinrich Himmler (Eddie Marsan), head of the SS.  The Toronto Film Festival will start September 8th-18th.  




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