Dan Stevens talks with GQ Japan!


Majoring in English literature at Dan Stevens, 1982 in London, England was born in the prestigious Cambridge University. Fashion favorite 33-year-old large. Colorful hobbyists such as the bike.

January 19, 2016, the last day of the 2016-17 Fall Milan Men’s Fashion Week. My season decorate this final day, have decided that it is Giorgio Armani. Approximately 30 minutes until the announcement of the latest collection of this world is of interest. Tensions Despite the feelings of not staff is far from running, I was in the elegant lounge space provided on the Giorgio Armani indoor. 2015 – because he blessed with “Made to Measure” in the advertising of the British actor has appeared in campaign Dan Stevens and opportunity to the story from 16 years autumn and winter. Because blessed, since this chance was the only 3 medium standing in the world.

“Made to Measure (MTM)” it is, of the system to create a tailored suit that person has been customized to suit each of the taste and body type to wear it. If the ultimate woman is a haute couture, it of male clothing, no doubt to be a tailor-made suit.

Grew up in a suit originated in the country, the United Kingdom, a man attractive dress the Italian brand with enhanced as one of the fashion culture of the suit, Dan Stevens. And, “How to Be A Man” – since its first issue, continue to teaching to become a man suit look good, tell a good batter and fun it is to wear a suit, “GQ”. From the common denominator of “suit”, we talk while being the first meeting is to ride in rhythm, went advanced in leaps and bounds.

GQ: categorically to say that the suit, but it is different in the British and Italian?

Dan Stevens (hereinafter DS): That’s a funny question. Savile Row is very famous in London, many of the British proud to tailoring technology of the land. But I, I was very thrilled to dress suit of a man of the people of Milan. Spectacle that has its own style to each person up to this point it is not seen in London. I like both of the dress. It boasts a long history in the culture of male tailoring in both countries.

GQ: Do you ever feel Naa different and are wearing Armani suits and other suits?

DS: I like the color of Armani. I particular moment there was a color that looks good to me (laughs). It is equipped with variations of favorite navy suit, material is also great, cashmere suit is really a good fit. For this reason, I am you are in love in the Armani suit.

GQ: I’m so much like it … (laughs). What is the difference in comparison to other brands?

DS: Armani is elegant and classic. We have devised twist small tricks in the royal road feeling and elegance. Is the difference do the little ordinary.

GQ: please explain What with its small tricks.

DS: Do not do small tricks are especially common in shoes. I love Armani shoes. A little different from the conventional but it is classic, it twisted design is like. …… There is a little playful. I like shoes anymore really! My wife always’m Tteyuu Throw a shoe at me. But I, I only shoes and this’m not abandoned.

GQ: It’s right. Do you have, how many feet?

DS: Too Many Haha (much too much!)

GQ: Are you sure you want to think I 200 feet or more?

DS: Unfortunately …… I do not have up there. But, I want someday!

As a professional actor Dan Stevens, and as a man Dan Stevens of alone with an interest in fashion, talks about the work of the Giorgio Armani to innocence “I think sincerely pleased”.

GQ: Although the order suit is Dan’s that are better than the suit of the ready-made, please let the reason.

DS: Because the order suit’s only the clothes one in the world. There it’s great. Special feeling fit and perfect for your body when you wear. The sense of letting me realize that he was made ​​only for myself, it makes for positive frame of mind.

GQ: If you represent the comfort?

DS: When are wearing, you will be full of confidence.

GQ: I think I was wearing for the first time Armani order suit of when to shoot the ad campaign. Your thoughts when you experience the “Made to Measure”.

DS: was the best. Elegant and very classic. Above all snug in their bodies. I do today to watch the show of Armani is very excited for the first time wearing this suit.

GQ: Do you have to choose how suit is always?

DS: I have chosen in the mood at that time. I understand at the moment that dressed. Toka feel better, all Toka material feels good intuition. Since the suit to choose that suits you is a very nice moment.

GQ: OK, So towards the readers of “GQ JAPAN”, thank you the advice to become an elegant man in a classic.

DS: I think it is important to chase the trend, but I think more of it to pursue what they like is that it is important. “To wear clothes that feel better, to have confidence in their choice.”This is the wonder if most of the advice. Rather than follow someone, please believe in yourself.

GQ: Thank you! It is also cool such you of today’s style. Did you choose your own?

DS: Yes, I chose on their own. Armani double-breasted of like it. In the past I did not so much wear. It is after shoes, after all ….

GQ: Now, What kind of feeling?

DS: It would be a good very comfortable to wear.

GQ: In addition to the comfort, today’s style points?

DS: I thought he was like a little while ago, that’s a little twisted style but it is classic.

This advice that Dan has left to have confidence in their own choice is a very core, but what we also want to be so.

While the family and the surrounding cherish “have their own” young gentleman of the United Kingdom. Touching the occasional show mischief, interest in him has come more and more springs naturally. Year by year as the up-and-coming actor, if the importance of the work of quality and cast it in advance the brilliance of Dan Stevens of up tone, in each country, “GQ” has been held every year, up to honor the most shining men in that year not be surprised even if the award in the near future the men’s award, “GQ MEN oF tHE YEAR.

Source: http://gqjapan.jp/fashion/interview/20160309/axp-dan-stevens-in-armanis-suits


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